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2018-02-16 00:11:43
Southern Utah Home Buyers, Don't Settle on Blue Clay or it could cost you dearly.

Buying a home in St George Utah should you know about BLUE CLAY?

Do you mind if your home cracks in half and you need 6 digit figures to install piers? As you feast on the Beauty of Southern Utah you will notice it is equipped with a few ancient Volcanoes. Thus under the ground are ancient Lava Flows which are made up of elements which are sometimes Expansive like Blue Clay which expands when it gets wet and contract as it dries. Raising foundations on even 4 story buildings often requiring piers drilled in to the bedrock deep below. How ever when clay is located in a hill it will crawl like a Caterpillar as it swells and contracts a process that takes years depending on moisture but can resulting demolition like Garden South costing the HOA... Also important to know about are corrosives in the flows such as Alkali Sulfate. This is why type 5 concrete was developed to inhibit the penetration which erodes concrete....

I have studied these effect on building since College here at Dixie in 1986 when I first studied Geology with Professor Van Vulkenberg. Over my years of building I have become an expert in the area which doesn't make me popular with some developers that didn't consult me but my Buyers LOVE ME just check my reviews....

Don't settle for a home on Blue Clay get an Expert or it could cost you dearly.

Did you know an HOA can charge a special fee to correct issues with other units in the HOA including buying and tearing down foreclosures..

I am the author of this Blog Shane Wood home Specialist in the St George Utah.

Call me today I'd love to help.

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2018-02-16 00:11:43
Southern Utah Home Buyers, Don't Settle on Blue Clay or it could cost you dearly.

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